Pokemon Go Release Date May Postpone Claim: Hurting Religious Sentiments


Pokemon Go Release Date May Postpone Claim Due to its unprecedented popularity and making money through the game while having some fun! who don’t like it?! while most of the people in India are waiting for Pokemon release. When it is already facing some problems like  unauthorized access of third party apps. In India people are using them despite of the warnings and it has became a issue for Pokemon Go developers.


Now, A PIL has been filed in the Gujarat High Court against Pokemon Go developers, The game is bringing location based augmented reality in it. And it is hurting religious sentiments. Image of eggs shown in the game are appearing in the places of worship. Petitioner said : Even though eggs are considered as non vegetarian food carrying them near the place of worship will hurt the sentiments of Hindus and Jains.

“People playing the game get their points in the form of eggs which generally appear in the places of worship of different religious groups,” petitioner’s lawyer Nachiket Dave said. Claim is also that it infringes privacy and poses threat against life.

Pokemon Go Release Date May Postpone Claim

Due these unprecedented circumstances Pokemon Go Release Date May Postpone.