How To Port To JIO SIM!


How To Port To JIO SIM!

JIO is now turning telecom industry up and down. Aggressive offers of the JIO is now making people to quit other telecom operators and make them to join JIO. If you  think particular operator’s plans are better, then you can switch to different operators numbers.
Mobile Number Portability was implemented in India in 2011. This will allows users to change their operators without changing their numbers.

Follow the below steps to get ported to JIO SIM or any other telecom operator networks:

1. Visit an outlet of the telecom to whom you want to port your mobile number.

2. Get the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) and Porting form.

3. SMS “PORT” to 1900 and get the Unique porting code.

4. You will get a  message with porting code. Fill both forms using that code.

5. Submit the all necessary documents such as identity and address proofs.

6.  After this Operator will give you new SIM card.

SIM will be activated on the probable date of the activation. This process will not take more than few days.

How To Port To JIO SIM!

How To Port To JIO SIM!

Note: A porting code is valid only for 15 days. Also once you join a new network, you cannot port again for another three months. You must also clear all your current dues before porting your number to another network.