Sindhu Is Pure Gold But Wins Olympic Silver: India found a champion with a lion’s heart even as P.V. Sindhu lost to World no. 1, Spain’s Carolina Marin in a nail-gnawing badminton finals at the Rio Olympic Games.

The 21-year-old Hyderabadi won India’s hearts at the 2016 Olympics and the main silver for an Indian lady competitor ever.

In a firmly challenged match, which left the country heaving for breath, Sindhu clashed with Marin, winning the first round, however she couldn’t best the Spaniard who took the second and third (21-19, 21-12, 21-15).

While venturing on to the court today, Sindhu, the little girl of volleyball players P. Vijaya and Ramana, must have felt the pressure of carrying the hopes of more than a billion people on her shoulders, yet the ninth-seeded player kept a calm mind, giving the world No.1 a great challenge.

Sindhu Is Pure Gold But Wins Olympic Silver