If you are thinking of loosing interest in exercise and eating healthy food then you are in right place. These 7 Motivational health tips will help you in your daily schedule. According to Penny Kris-Etherton, PhD, a nutrition professor, the key is to take small, positive steps and you have to move ahead consistently. “People need to be realistic about the changes they can achieve.”

These following  motivational tips to help you

1. Feel Good About Yourself Today

If you want to make yourself feel good it is not that easy. Be social and be around those people who makes you feel good. If you are around the people who encourage you in smoking, drinking it is no use. It is now time to make some good friends those who have good health habits.

2. Rethink Your Role Model

Select your role models who inspires you a lot. Find such a role models who will help you feel good for whatever you are, rather than those who make you feel dull. Find some fit and healthy role models.

3. Know What Makes You Overeat

Motivated people are the ones they find their problem areas and come up with a plan to deal with them. Don’t use your not healthy food habits to cope up with your boredom, stress, disappointment and not even your success.

4. Make Simple Daily Change

Add different exercises to your daily resume. Make small changes so that they can boost your health. Here are some suggestions

  • Add 5 more grams of fiber to your daily meal plan.
  • Cut out refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, white rice, and sweets
  • Avoid foods with trans-fats
  • Add two more servings of veggies at lunch and dinner
  • Drink three more glasses of water each day

5. Forgive Yourself

Forgive yourself when you failed to follow your healthy habits but don’t repeat them. Try to follow in the next day it applies not only for health it also applies for all life situations which builds stress, it is the best medicine Forgive yourself.

6. Never Go Hungry

Researches tells that the biggest cause of overeating is undereating. “People go too long without eating, and then pig out when they are ravenously hungry.”

7. Remember That Change Takes Time

Don’t decide people on their looks if you look at a thin person and think how lucky he/she but in reality they might be working hard daily for that changes. Everything you do it takes time. If plant a seed it takes time to grow up and give you fruit.

7 Motivational health tips